Guitar Servo Drive

The Guitar, the newest member of Elmo’s SimplIQ Motion Control Core family, offers the identical characteristics and functionalities common to all members of the SimplIQ family.

The Guitar goes one step further in incorporating Elmo’s highly efficient and super compact power density. It suits every motion control application, especially where servo performance and compactness are issues.

The Guitar is a PCB mounted servo drivethat provides top servo performance, networking and intelligence capabilities within a high level programming environment.

The Guitar operates with a single DC bus of 11 VDC -195 VDC
(three voltage ranges) with built-in smart control to supply back up capabilities.

The Guitar delivers up to 45 amps of continuous current and 70 amps of peak current.

The Guitar features sinusoidal full vector control as well as trapezoidal and DC motor commutation methods.
The Guitar has an auxiliary feedback port for ECAM, follower, dual loop and pulse-and-direction applications. Digital and analog ports are also available.

The combination of the PCB mountability, high power capabilities, rich motion features, programming flexibility, a wide variety of feedbacks and CANopen networking makes the Guitar the most ideal and effective solution.

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