Gold DC Trombone Servo Drive

This advanced, high power density servo drive is designed to operate “Direct to Mains” from a high voltage DC power supply of up to 400 VDC or 800 VDC, without the need for a transformer. It provides top performance, advanced networking and built in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence. The Gold DC Trombone is powered by a single 18 V – 30 V isolated DC power source (not included) and a “smart” control-supply algorithm enables the drive to operate with only one power supply with no need for an auxiliary power supply for the logic.

Inconjunction with the Gold Maestro, the ultimate distributed network motion controller, and theother members of the Gold Line of intelligent servo drives, state-of-the- art solutions for the most challenging multi-axis motion applications can be easily implemented, with a short development cycle while maintaining high performance.

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