Eagle HV Servo Drive

Eagle HV Servo Drive

The Gold Eagle HV (High Voltage) series of digital servo drives are highly resilient and operate from a DC Power Voltage Input source. They are designed to deliver the highest density of power and intelligence and deliver up to 65 kW of continuous power in a compact package.

They operate from a DC power source in current, velocity, position and advanced position modes, in conjunction with a permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor, DC brush motor, linear motor or voice coil. They are designed for use with any type of sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation, with vector control. The Gold Eagle HV can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a multi-axis system in a distributed configuration on a real-time network.

The Gold Eagle HV meets the highest level of motion control application requirements, providing top servo performance, advanced networking, built-in safety and high power density, combined with a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence.

Features include:

  • Ultra-compact, highest power density
  • Highly efficient ≈99%
  • High servo performance, wide current, velocity, position bandwidth
  • Real-time deterministic network communications: EtherCAT, CANopen
  • Host communication: USB, Ethernet
  • Supports a wide variety of feedback sensors in single, dual and gantry loop configurations
  • Advanced tuning, filtering and gain scheduling options for enhanced dynamic performance
  • Vector control sinusoidal commutation
  • Complies to safety and EMC STD: IEC61800, UL508c, UL60950, EC61800-5-2
  • EtherCAT slave drives with rotary switches allow the user to define a unique node ID to a slave
  • The two rotary switches offer up to 255 addresses, with the 0 setting referring to No alias address

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Gold Eagle HV Servo Drive

The Gold Eagle HV (High Voltage) series of digital servo drives are highly resilient and operate...

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