AKD®2G Servo Drive  AKD®2G Servo Drive

AKD®2G Servo Drive

The next generation of servo drives offering industry leading performance with a compact footprint. The newest member of the AKD family is Kollmorgen's most powerful yet.

The Dual-Axis AKD®2G Servo Drive introduces the Kollmorgen Servo-on-a-Chip; a powerful compute engine that can control two axes simultaneously and up to 28 I/O. Kollmorgen also streamlined the design by optimising the AKD2G for single cable motors. 


  • One and two axis variants available
  • Modular design allows the user to specify only the features needed
  • Supports a variety of feedback devices—SFD & HIPERFACE® DSL standard:
    -optional feedbacks include EnDat2.2, BiSS 1.0, Analog Sine/Cos encoder, incremental encoder, resolver and more
  • Multiple bus choices for system optimization, including EtherCAT®, and CANopen®
  • SIL-qualified over-voltage, current, and temperature detection provided for added dependability
  • Dual-channel STO for each axis 
  • Industry-leading power density for greater flexibility in mounting
  • Fits into a 10” deep control panel

Easy to Use

  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Kollmorgen controls and motors
  • WorkBench GUI, acclaimed for customer experience and usability
  • Hybrid Motor-Power connector is optimized for single-cable motors
    -no adaptors, no D-subs, no splitters
  • Cage-clamp spring terminal connectors on I/O allow for fast and easy installation
  • Optically-isolated I/O reduces noise, and eliminates need for additional hardware


  • Accomodates changing load conditions immediately:
    -current loop updates in 1.28 μs, nearly 50x the speed of our nearest competitors
    -velocity and position loops lead the market at 62.5 μs and 125 μs, respectively
  • Servo on a ChipTM includes dual-core ARMTM A9, 800 MHz µP, 1.5 M gates
  • AI-based auto-tuning with a click of a button gets you started quickly
  • Wizard-based tuning uses advanced Bode Plot tool to help you efficiently manual-tune when desired
  • Fast data acquisition with TCP/IP Ethernet service channel

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