Z-Elevator™ Vertical Motion Stage from Dover Motion

The users load is not cantilevered; it is fully supported by an 8″ x 8″ top plate. Our Z-Elevator Stages incorporate a 23 frame motor (either stepper or servo), coupled to a leadscrew which drives a cam-follower along a wedge. The wedge ratio is 2.5:1 for the ZE-5 and 1.25:1 for the ZE-10. This design provides high resolution, while our anti-backlash friction nut ensures excellent repeatability. Each stage includes precision Hall-effect limit switches, which terminate on convenient, locking D sub-mini connectors. The pitch of the leadscrew, the ratio of the wedge mechanism, the motor, and the controller together determine the resolution in our Z-Elevator stages. Please see page 55 for calculation details.

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