DRT 200™ Rotary Stage from Dover Motion

The DRT-200 table offers a standard resolution of 10 microradians (~2 arc-seconds, or 0.00051 degrees); due to its direct drive technology, the repeatability is +/- 1 count, or +/- 10 micro-radians. Speeds to 6 revolutions per second, and accelerations to 400 revolutions per second2, permit rapid point-to-point moves. Settling times are minimized due to the direct drive design, which allows high servo bandwidths to be achieved.

Unlike other direct drive rotary tables, the electronic interface is completely standard, with digital A Quad B encoder outputs, a standard three phase brushless motor, and three digital Hall commutation sensors. This allows the DRT-200 Stage to be driven by any commercial motion controller/amplifier that can drive standard three phase brushless motors. The ultra-stiff 4 point contact ball bearing provides a high degree of axial and torsional stiffness, and a once per revolution index sensor allows a unique home location to be defined.

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