Dover Motion DOF-5 Objective Focusing Stage

The Dover Objective Focusing stage from Dover Motion is a low cost, high-performance nano-positioning stage optimised for optical imaging applications. When the DO5-5 is compared to typical piezo flexure stages used for focusing, it offers greater travel and higher bandwidth, providing fast step and settle whilst maintaining image stability. Benefits of the D0F-5 include:

  • 5mm travel provides application flexibility lacking in short-stroke piezo/flexure stages
  • Internal, high performance servo drive and control reduces system cost and cabling
  • High servo bandwidth, fast move & settle, very low position jitter
  • Integrated, chrome-on-glass optical linear encoder with 1.25 or 5 nm resolution
  • Constant force counterbalance prevents objective crashes and minimizes motor heating

While other Dover Motion direct drive stages can be oriented vertically and equipped with a magnetic counter-balance, their travels are considerably higher than those required for precision focusing. These products are also less than ideal in several other aspects, including moving mass, overall size, feature set and cost.

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