IL Series Ironless Linear Motor

IL Series Ironless Linear Motor

Kollmorgen IL Series Direct Drive Linear ironless motors have no slots for the coil windings. This design provides a very light mass, zero attractive forces between the coil assembly and the magnet way, and zero cogging. These motors are ideal for applications requiring very low bearing friction, high acceleration of lighter loads, and constant velocity even at ultra-slow speeds.

Benefits include:

  • Zero maintenance
  • No ball screws, gearboxes, rack and pinions or belts and pulleys
  • Zero backlash and compliance
  • High stiffness
  • High positional accuracy
  • Compact mechanical assembly
  • Reduced machine parts count
  • Very smooth velocity
  • Quiet operation
  • Co-engineering capabilities to meet your application’s stroke and payload requirements without the time and expense of a custom design

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