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ICH Ironcore Linear Motors

ICH Ironcore Linear Motors

Kollmorgen ICH ironcore linear motors offer a compact design whilst increasing productivity, reducing operating costs and eliminating maintenance fees. Linear direct drives can increase throughput by up to 40% compared with other drive systems and enable smaller, lighter machines with high energy efficiency due to their compact design. Ironcore motors also provide the highest force per frame size and feature an anti-cogging design which yields extremely smooth operation.

The winding sections (primary sections) are completely enclosed and encapsulated and thus have excellent protection for use under rough industrial conditions.The profiles, which are fitted for mounting them onto the framework of the machine, provide a versatile but nevertheless firm mechanical coupling system.

ICH linear motors are not only suited for applications in the machine tool industry, but present advantages for all applications that require:

  • low levels of motor heating combined with high continuous driving forces,
  • outstanding control loop characteristics and high precision,
  • high static and dynamic stiffness (low compliance) in the drive chain

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