HT Series Torque Motor

HT Series Torque Motor

HT (High Torque) series of frameless brushless torque motors are available in nine standard diameters from 19.3 mm (0.760 in) to 127 mm (5 in) with up to six stack lengths each. Continuous torque ratings range from 0.021 Nm (2.9 oz-in) to 4.4 Nm (693 oz-in). Winding voltage is 24 VDC or 100 VDC, depending upon model. Hall effect commutation sensors are integral to the motor, and require no setup on the part of the user.

The standard HT series motors are especially well suited for direct integration into applications that demand high power density motors with minimum size, weight, and inertia. Non-standard models of the HT series are also available in stator diameters up to 239 mm (9.42 in). 

Applications include:

  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Medical systems including life support
  • Robotic systems
  • Laser sighting and control
  • Cryogenic cooling pump

Options include:

  • Samarium Cobalt magnets for very high temperature environments
  • Non-standard designs with stator diameter to 239 mm (9.42 in)
  • Housed versions with feedback (encoder or resolver)
  • Custom design versions

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