Spinea DriveSpin DSH115 Zero Backlash Actuator

The high-precision Spinea DriveSpin DSH115 Zero Backlash Actuators represent a series of DriveSpin actuators in the hollowshaft version, which combines a high precision TwinSpin cycloid reduction gear and a wide range of sensors and servomotors. The DSH115 offers a higher power density with the largest hole and the shortest axial length.

The static tube with a diameter of 32mm that runs through the whole actuator allows customers to route cables, a shaft or other feed systems without a risk of damage. The dimensions of the drive and the innovative design simplify the integration of the system in confined installation spaces for all applications. With this product, you can control movement accurately and meet your application requirements.

The concept of the Inline H - DSH 115 series is built on a modular platform with the objective to achieve maximum flexibility from the user’s perspective. The performance characteristics of servomotors and reduction gears may be configured individually for a custom application.

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