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Thomson MLA (Motorised Leadscrew Actuator) Series Thomson MLA (Motorised Leadscrew Actuator) Series

Thomson's MLA series combine a hybrid stepper motor and a precision lead screw, resulting in a simple and cost-effective method of achieving precise linear motion. They are offered in three basic configurations – rotating screw (MLS), rotating nut (MLN) and actuator (MLA). 

Built-in anti-rotation - the Thomson MLA design eliminates the need for external guidance by surrounding the shaft with an aluminium cover tube with moulded internal splines that lock onto the nut to keep it from turning. This design also features an integrated bushing that enables it to withstand small radial and moment loads. With the MLA series, customers can specify load, stroke length and end mounting. 

The Thomson MLA series suit applications where external guidance is present or a high level of design flexibility is required. Ideal applications have stroke lengths shorter than 64 mm, have loads lighter than 890 N on various motor sizes, as well as requiring speeds below 500 mm/sApplication examples include:

  • Microscope slide stage
  • Tilting a computer monitor
  • Vertically positioning a pipette onto a test tube array


The MLA Series offers several advantages over a traditional solution. Features include:

  • Improved efficiency 
  • Increased torque density 
  • Taper-lock advantage 
  • Reduced noise 
  • Side load capability 
  • Built-in anti-rotation 
  • Actuator configuration


At present there are no additional specifications available for this product. If you require any further information, please email our applications team at sales@heason.com


Stepper Motor Linear Actuators Brochure PDF VERSION

Motorised Lead Screw Actuators Installation Manual PDF VERSION 

Heason Technology has made every effort to ensure the manufacturer’s documentation included in this tab is the very latest release/version. We review the revisions regularly. Please email our applications team at sales@heason.com for any further information.


At present there are no additional videos available for this product. If you require any further information, please email our applications team at sales@heason.com.

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Thomson MLA (Motorised Leadscrew Actuator) Series

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