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ASIC Controller from NanomotionASIC Controller from Nanomotion

Nanomotion’s ASIC controller/driver component can support the Edge motor and Edge based modules working in either the traditional AB1A mode or in AB5 mode (linear voltage to velocity profile).

The AB1A mode supports up to two motors in parallel, doubling the force output. The ASIC component can be provided for integration in customer electronics and supports open loop operation, as a driver only or closed loop operation based on Nanomotion’s proprietary analogue position sensor. The ASIC driver board is configured for open loop, driver operation only.


  • Auto Focus/Zoom Modules
  • Shutter & Aperture Control
  • Filter Changers
  • Pan and Tilt Modules


General Specification

  • Mechanical
  • Package: 32-pin QFN,
  • 5mm x 5mm height 1.2mm
  • Functional: -
  • Controller/Driver, or driver only
  • Motors supported: up to 2 EDGE motors
  • Drive mode : AB5 , AB1
  • IIC interface at max 100 KHz
  • 3 OPAMPs inputs
  • 2 A/D inputs


Electrical Specification

  • Supply voltage: -
  • 2.7V to 4.2V
  • 25ua leakage current at sleep
  • mode (at 3.7V)


Environmental Specification

  • Operating Temperature: -
  • -40°C – 85°C


PDF Datasheet -> ASIC Board Controller Datasheet

PDF Datasheet -> ASIC Component Controller Datasheet

PDF Brochure -> Nanomotion Product Catalogue


Manufacturing Partner

ASIC Controller from Nanomotion

Manufacturer: Nanomotion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: ASIC Controller

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