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SVTS C Series Slip Rings SVTS C Series Slip Rings

SVTS C Series Slip Rings with Hollow Shaft are suitable for transmission of signals, video signals, field buses and current over 50A.

The SVTS C Series Slip Ring with Hollow Shaft (SRH) is characterised by a through hole and makes use of a special technology allowing to get multiple contact points between brushes and rings, low contact electric resistance, reduced electric noise a low wear.

Many standard configuration and customisation available. Can be combined with pneumatic, hydraulic and fibre optic rotary joints.

  • Thru holes with 3 to 500 mm diameter.
  • Up to 96 circuits (more on demand)


SVTS C Series Slip Ring features include:

  • Current: Power: 10A: AWG16 15A cont/20A peak@6sec: AWG14 Signal: 2A:AWG26 5A:AWG22
  • Cables: Silver plated – PTEE insulation and colour coded
  • Cables Length: 300mm min. standard (other lengths on demand)
  • Insulation Resistance: Power: 1000 MΩ /500 VDC Signals: 500 MΩ /500 VDC
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Housing: ABS (hard plastic)
  • Temperature: -40 degrees celcius to +80 degrees celcius
  • Protection: IP 51 optionlaIP65
  • Operational Life: 100,000,000 revolutions (depending on speed and on environmental conditions)


  • SVTS C 01 - (SRH 0317)
  • SVTS C 02 - (SRH 0422)
  • SVTS C 03 - (SRH 1258)
  • SVTS C 04 - (SRH 2578)
  • SVTS C 05 - (SRH 3899)
  • SVTS C 06 - (SRH 50120)
  • SVTS C 07 - (SRH 60135)
  • SVTS C 08 - (SRH 70155)
  • SVTS C 09 - (SRH 80180)
  • SVTS C 10 - (SRH 90190)
  • SVTS C 11 - (SRH 100210)


SVTS Slip Ring Catalogue PDF VERSION

SVTS Slip Ring Data Sheet PDF VERSION


At present there are no additional videos available for this product. If you require any further information, please email our applications team at sales@heason.com. 

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SVTS C Series Slip Rings

Manufacturer: Servotecnica | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: SVTS C Series Slip Ring (SRH) with Hollow Shaft

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