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Rotary Encoders without Integral Bearing from HeidenhainRotary Encoders without Integral Bearing from Heidenhain

Rotary encoders without integral bearing operate without friction. The two components – the scanning head and the scale disk, drum, or tape – are adjusted to each other during assembly. The benefits are large diameter of hollow shaft; for high shaft speeds; no additional starting torque.

In addition to the system accuracy, the mounting and adjustment of the scanning head normally have a significant effect on the accuracy that can be achieved with rotary encoders without integral bearings. Of particular importance are the mounting eccentricity and radial runout of the measured shaft.

The inductive rotary encoders ECI/EQI 1300 are mechanically compatible with the photoelectric encoders ExN 1300: the shaft is fastened with a central screw. The stator of the encoder is clamped by an axially tightened screw in the location hole.

The photoelectric ERO modular rotary encoders from Heidenhain consists of a graduated disk with hub and a scanning unit. They are particularly well suited for limited installation space or for applications for which there must be no friction.




ExI 1300
  • Mechanically compatible with ECN/EQN 1300
  • Taper shaft or blind hollow shaft
ERO 1200
  • Compact size
  • For shaft diameters to 12 mm
ERO 1400
  • Miniaturized modular rotary encoder for measured shafts up to 8 mm
  • Special built-in mounting aid
  • With cover cap
ExI 1100
  • Mechanically compatible with ECN/EQN 1300
  • Blind hollow D 6 mm



PDF Catalogue -> Encoders for Servo Drives Catalogue

PDF Catalogue -> Rotary Encoders Catalogue


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Rotary Encoders without Integral Bearing from Heidenhain

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