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Nanomotion AB2 AmplifierNanomotion AB2 Amplifier

The AB2 amplifier combines the normal velocity mode of the AB1A amplifier, for servo operation, with the DC mode, for ultra-high resolution positioning.

The DC mode treats the motor as a traditional piezo actuator, providing the ability to make discrete moves at the 1 nanometer level. The DC mode uses the same ±10V analog signal from the controller output and translates it to a ±300 nanometer position move capability, with 1 nanometer resolution. This function can be operated in an open loop or closed loop manner. The switching between the velocity mode and DC mode is done seamlessly through a discrete input signal.


AB2 Driver features include:
  • Ultra High Resolution Capability using DC Mode
  • Digital Drive Handles 16 HR Motor Elements (2 x HR8 motors)
  • Four Operation Modes: Velocity, Step Gate and DC
  • Discrete Inputs Enabling Feedback from External Sources, such as Limit Switches, Emergency Stop Command
  • Requires 24Vdc Supply Input
  • Cable Length up to 20m - Minimized Sensitivity to Cable Lengthening
  • Over Current and Over Voltage Protection


General Specification

  • Driving Capability: Up to16 elements (2 x HR8 motors)
  • Analog Control Input
  • Input Voltage Range: +/- 10V
  • Input Impedance: 10KW
  • Input Low Pass Filter: 2.7KHz

DC Mode Specifications

  • Switch Time Between Velocity and DC Modes: 1ms
  • Range: ± 300nm

Environmental Specification

  • Operating Temperature:0°Cto50°C
  • Storage Temperature:-40°Cto 70°C
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 80% non- condensing

Physical Specifications

  • Nominal Mechanical Dimensions (WxDxH):150x110x40
  • Weight:450 gr.
  • Mounting options:Desk top/Wall mount

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Input: +24Vdc ± 5%
  • Max Motor Output: 280Vrms
  • Power Consumption without Load: +24Vdc/200mA
  • Power Consumption with Max Load: +24Vdc/5A
  • Operating Temperature:0°Cto50°C
  • Storage Temperature:-40°Cto 70°C
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 80% non-condensing


AB2 Amplifier User Manual PDF VERSION

AB2 Amplifier Datasheet PDF VERSION

Nanomotion Product Catalogue PDF VERSION

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Nanomotion AB2 Amplifier

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