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Gold Maestro Motion Controller from Elmo Motion ControlGold Maestro Motion Controller from Elmo Motion Control

Elmo’s Gold Maestro leads the market when it comes to advanced, fast, precise,easy-to-use, and cost-effective distributed networking motion controllers. The Gold Maestro network controller and the Gold Line servo drives support bothEtherCAT ― the industry's emerging networking standard to provide applications withfast, real-time, multi-axis control and CANopen – the senior, popular and time-proven communication protocol.


  • Top level multi-axis motion controller
  • Upper level (host) communications and protocols:
    • Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP (Fast Binary Protocols, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Telnet, FTP, HTTP)
    • USB 2.0
  • EtherCAT master for distributed networking, with redundancy capabilities and distributed clock management support
  • CANopen master distributed networking.
  • Controls up to 100 axes simultaneously.
  • Distributed intelligence: tasks are split between the Gold Maestro and the SimplIQ and/or Gold Line of servo drives:
    • Significant increase in the motion system’s computation power and performance
    • Simpler high-level motion control interfaces, using the PLCopen standard
    • Faster and better motor control, improved event response times
    • Releases the Gold Maestro’s resources for the machine’s synchronized motion control
    • Reduces the communication load
  • The protocol implementation allows nodes to be easily added,removed and modified.
  • CANopen communication protocols: DS 301, DS 305, DS 401(I/O Device Profile), DS 402
  • Rich, high-level, multi-axis programming environment:
    • Native 'C' programming using the PLCopen for Motion API
    • IEC 61131-3, PLCopen
    • Large amount of memory
  • Field bus communication
    • EtherCAT
    • CAN bus (isolated)
  • Ready-for-use application program templates for commonautomation applications
  • Advanced data recording and "live scope" features, for singleand multiple axes
  • Network statistics for diagnostics



PDF Installation Guide -> Gold Maestro Installation Guide

PDF User Guide -> Elmo Interlude Communication API User Guide

PDF Software Manual -> Gold Maestro Software Manual

PDF Application Guide -> Gantry Tuning Application Guide

PDF Network Guide -> Encoder CANOpen Network Guide

PDF Failure Guide -> Analog Servo Amplifier Failures


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Gold Maestro Motion Controller from Elmo Motion Control

Manufacturer: Elmo Motion Control | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: Gold Maestro

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