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Turbo UMAC Motion Controller from Delta TauTurbo UMAC Motion Controller from Delta Tau

The Turbo PMAC2 UMAC CPU is intended to be used in a 3U UMAC Rack, which is a modular rack format permitting the user to configure his or her rack with whatever I/O, servo control cards, MACRO cards, communication cards or any other accessory card Delta Tau offers for the UMAC Rack format, to build a totally user-customized system.

The Turbo PMAC2 UMAC CPU can control up to 32 axes, whether through direct local control, or distributed control over a MACRO fiber optic ring.


Hardware Features

  • 3U-format Eurocards
  • Interface between the UMAC Turbo CPU/Communications Board and the machine to output amplifier command signals, to input feedback information, and to input flags information including end-of-travel limits and machine home sensors.
  • Different kind of axes interface boards can be selected to control analog ±10V amplifiers, stepper drivers and direct digital PWM amplifiers

Software Features

  • Trajectory Generation Features
  • Linear interpolation mode with S-curve accel/decel
  • Circular interpolation mode with S- curve accel/decel
  • Rapid point-to-point move mode
  • Cubic B-spline interpolation mode
  • Cubic Hermite-spline (PVT) interpolation mode
  • Automatic move-until-trigger functions with hardware capture
  • Altered destination on the fly
  • Interactive jog moves
  • Multi-move lookahead for velocity and acceleration limiting

Servo Features

  • Standard digital PID feedback filter
  • Velocity, acceleration, and friction feedforward
  • 2nd-order notch/low-pass filter
  • Gains changeable at any time
  • Programmable input, integrator, and output limits
  • Alternate 35-term “pole-placement” servo filter
  • Alternate user-written high-level “Open Servo” algorithms

Commutation Features

  • Sinusoidal commutation of AC servo motors
  • Vector control of AC induction motors
  • Digital current-loop closure with direct PWM output (PMAC2)

Compensation Features

  • Position compensation tables (1D & 2D)
  • Torque compensation tables
  • Backlash compensation
  • Tool radius compensation

Safety Features

  • Hardware and software overtravel limits
  • Amplifier enable/fault handshaking
  • Following error limits
  • Integrated current limit
  • Encoder loss detection (some versions)
  • Watchdog timer
  • Program and communications checksums

Computational Features

  • Real-time multi-tasking operating system
  • 48- bit floating-point math for user programs
  • Trigonometric and transcendental functions
  • Automatic type-matching of different variable types
  • Feedback sensor types that can be processed
  • Digital quadrature encoders
  • Sinusoidal encoders, interferometers
  • Resolvers
  • Potentiometers
  • LVDTs, RVDTs
  • Parallel-format encoders, interferometers
  • MLDTs
  • Serial absolute encoders (e.g. SSI)
  • Yaskawa Sigma II/III

Coordination and Master/Slave Features

  • User-defined coordinate systems for automatic coordination of axes
  • Separate coordinate systems for independent motion of axes
  • Multi-motor axis support (e.g. gantries)
  • Dynamic axis transformations (e.g. offsets, rotations, mirroring)
  • User-written forward and inverse-kinematic algorithms for non-Cartesian geometries
  • Electronic gearing (no programming required)
  • Electronic cams with programmable profiles

Motion Program Features

  • High-level programming language
  • Automatic sequenced execution of moves
  • Calculations and I/O synchronous to motion
  • Axes programmed in user engineering units
  • Motion values as constants or expressions
  • Automatic coordination of multiple axes
  • Ability to execute G-code programs

PLC Program Features

  • Execution asynchronous to programmed motion
  • I/O control as in hardware PLC
  • Executive functions for standalone applications
  • Safety and status monitoring
  • Servo gain scheduling

Data reporting functions

Access to all registers in controller




Manufacturing Partner

Turbo UMAC Motion Controller from Delta Tau

Manufacturer: Delta Tau | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: Turbo UMAC

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