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Turbo PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller from Delta TauTurbo PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller from Delta Tau

The Turbo PMAC2A PC/104 provides up to 12 axes of control in the smallest form factor that Delta Tau offers, capable of using True DAC, Direct PWM, Filtered PWM, and PFM output control signals. This product uses the Turbo PMAC2 CPU.


Hardware Features

  • 40 MHz DSP563xx CPU (OPT-5AF 80 MHz 560xx equivalent)
  • 128K x 24 internal zero-wait-state SRAM
  • 512K x 8 flash memory for user backup and firmware
  • Latest released firmware version
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • 4 channels axis interface circuitry, each including:
  • 1) 12-bit +/- 10V analog output
  • 2) Pulse-&-direction digital output
  • 3) Quadrature encoder inputs A, B, C, channels with differential/single-ended drivers
  • 4) 4 input flags, 2 output flags at TTL levels
  • 3 PWM top-and- bottom pairs (unbuffered)
  • 50-pin IDC header for amplifier/encoder interface
  • 34-pin IDC header for flag interface
  • PID/notch/feedforward servo algorithms
  • 1-year warranty from date of shipment


Software Features

  • Trajectory Generation Features
  • Linear interpolation mode with S-curve accel/decel
  • Circular interpolation mode with S-curve accel/decel
  • Rapid point-to-point move mode
  • Cubic B-spline interpolation mode
  • Cubic Hermite-spline (PVT) interpolation mode
  • Automatic move-until-trigger functions with hardware capture
  • Interactive jog moves
  • Optional multi-move lookahead for velocity and acceleration limiting


Servo Features

  • Standard digital PID feedback filter
  • Velocity, acceleration, and friction feedforward
  • 2nd-order notch/low-pass filter
  • Gains changeable at any time
  • Programmable input, integrator, and output limits
  • Optional 35-term pole-placement servo filter
  • Commutation Features
  • Sinusoidal commutation of AC servo motors
  • Vector control of AC induction motors
  • Digital current-loop closure with direct PWM output (PMAC2)
  • Compensation Features
  • Position compensation tables (1D and 2D)
  • Torque compensation tables
  • Backlash compensation
  • Tool radius compensation
  • Safety Features
  • Hardware and software overtravel limits
  • Amplifier enable/fault handshaking
  • Following error limits
  • Integrated current limit
  • Encoder loss detection (some versions)
  • Watchdog timer
  • Program and communications checksums
  • Computational Features
  • Real- time multi-tasking operating system
  • 48-bit floating-point math for user programs
  • Trigonometric and transcendental functions
  • Automatic type-matching of different variable types


Feedback sensor types that can be processed

  • Digital quadrature encoders
  • Sinusoidal encoders, interferometers
  • Resolvers
  • Potentiometers
  • LVDTs, RVDTs
  • Parallel-format encoders, interferometers
  • MLDTs
  • Serial absolute encoders (e.g. SSI)
  • Coordination and Master/Slave Features
  • User-defined coordinate systems for automatic coordination of axes
  • Separate coordinate systems for independent motion of axes
  • Multi-motor axis support (e.g. gantries)
  • Dynamic axis transformations (e.g. offsets, rotations, mirroring)
  • Electronic gearing (no programming required)
  • Electronic cams with programmable profiles
  • Motion Program Features
  • High-level programming language
  • Automatic sequenced execution of moves
  • Calculations and I/O synchronous to motion
  • Axes programmed in user engineering units
  • Motion values as constants or expressions
  • Automatic coordination of multiple axes
  • Ability to execute G-code programs


PLC Program Features

  • Execution asynchronous to programmed motion
  • I/O control as in hardware PLC
  • Executive functions for standalone applications
  • Safety and status monitoring
  • Servo gain scheduling
  • Data reporting functions
  • Access to all registers in controller



PDF Guide -> PMAC Quick Reference Guide

PDF Manual -> PMAC2A PC104 CPU HRM Manual


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Turbo PMAC2A PC104 Motion Controller from Delta Tau

Manufacturer: Delta Tau | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: Turbo PMAC2A PC104

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