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NextMove ESB2 Motion Controller from ABBNextMove ESB2 Motion Controller from ABB

NextMove ESB-2 a compact panel mount motion controller for the control of up to 8 axes – 4 servo, 4 open loop stepper. NextMove ESB-2, coupled with MINT motion programming, offers a high speed and flexible motion controller. On board I/O can be used to control many parts of the machine.

This can be further expanded with either ABB's range of CAN I/O modules operating over the CAN bus, or alternatively, CANopen devices conforming to the standard DS401 I/O profile. Versatile programming is provided by means of MINT – multitasking BASIC, or the supplied ActiveX components for PC based interfaces and is compatible with our MintNC 2.5 axis CAD to motion solution.


  • Panel mount configuration with two-part connectors and D-type connector for encoder connections
  • 1MByte SRAM for user programs and data
  • 1MByte FLASH for firmware and user program storage
  • 32kByte FRAM for non-volatile parameter storage
  • Product variants available for 3 or 4 axes of servo control and 4 axes of stepper control MicroFlex can be used in step and direction mode for additional 'open loop' servo axes)
  • 20 PNP/NPN opto-isolated digital inputs
  • Programmable for hardware limits, home input, stop input and error input. 4 of the inputs can be programmed for high speed capture of position with 1 microsecond
  • 12 PNP opto-isolated digital outputs
  • 24V/150mA relay output to signal system error conditions
  • 2 x 12-bit analog inputs
  • 12-bit analog output for 3 axis variant
  • Two auxiliary encoder interfaces for position following or position verification with 3-axis servo variant. One additional auxiliary encoder interface for 4-axis servo variant
  • USB programming interface
  • RS232 (115,200 Baud) and (optional RS485)
  • CAN interface for I/O expansion and HMI interfaces. Can be used to provide full peer-to-peer networking capabilities with other MINT based controllers
  • Multi-tasking programming capability with MINT-MT. Number of tasks limited only by available memory
  • Comprehensive move types including: linear, circular and helical interpolation; software cams; flying shears; splines; synchronization with positional offsets and virtual axes
  • ActiveX libraries supplied free of charge
  • Compatible with MINT NC and HPGL
  • RoHS compliant



At present there are no additional downloads available for this product. If you require any further information, please email our applications team at sales@heason.com


At present there are no additional videos available for this product. If you require any further information, please email our applications team at sales@heason.com

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NextMove ESB2 Motion Controller from ABB

Manufacturer: ABB | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: NextMove ESB2

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