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Z-Elevator™ Vertical Motion Stage from Dover MotionZ-Elevator™ Vertical Motion Stage from Dover Motion

 Our Z-Elevator Stages provide a very compact, accurate means of achieving vertical motion. Precision, non-recirculating ways in each of the four corners keep pitch and yaw below 15 arc-seconds over full travel. This way configuration provides very straight, smooth, and repeatable motion which is needed to satisfy demanding wafer inspection, scanning, and probing applications. Both 0.5 inch and 1.0 inch travel versions are available with collapsed heights of only 2.874 inches and 3.150 inches respectively.


The users load is not cantilevered; it is fully supported by an 8″ x 8″ top plate. Our Z-Elevator Stages incorporate a 23 frame motor (either stepper or servo), coupled to a leadscrew which drives a cam-follower along a wedge. The wedge ratio is 2.5:1 for the ZE-5 and 1.25:1 for the ZE-10. This design provides high resolution, while our anti-backlash friction nut ensures excellent repeatability. Each stage includes precision Hall-effect limit switches, which terminate on convenient, locking D sub-mini connectors. The pitch of the leadscrew, the ratio of the wedge mechanism, the motor, and the controller together determine the resolution in our Z-Elevator stages. Please see page 55 for calculation details.


  • Low profile with no cantilevering
  • .5" and 1" travel versions
  • Excellent straightness and repeatability
  • Anti-backlash friction nut



PDF Datasheet -> Z-Elevator Stage Datasheet


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Z-Elevator™ Vertical Motion Stage from Dover Motion

Manufacturer: Dover Motion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: Z-Elevator™ Vertical Motion Stage

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