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FM™ Ball Screw Stage from Dover MotionFM™ Ball Screw Stage from Dover Motion

The Dover FM Series tables are ideal for applications requiring low angular errors and high speeds. This unit utilizes precision ground interface surfaces and crossed roller ways to achieve exceptionally low angular errors and high stiffness. Its center-driven ballscrew design allows speeds to 500mm/second and is only 3 inches high. The inherent symmetry of its center-driven design avoids offset torques that can be created by side-driven stages. Convenient ballscrew access makes servicing easy, and a way cover provides pinch point protection, eliminating any safety concerns. These units include a motor with coupling, a knob for fine manual control, Hall-effect limit sensors, and locking motor and limit/encoder connectors with strain-relieved cables. The FM Series is an ideal choice for automation and inspection systems, disk drive testing, and laser machining applications.


  • High speeds and accelerations with center-driven ballscrew design
  • Pinch point protection
  • Low angular errors
  • Low profile - only 3 inches high



PDF Datasheet -> FM Stage Datasheet


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FM™ Ball Screw Stage from Dover Motion

Manufacturer: Dover Motion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: FM™ Ball Screw Stage

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