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DRT 100™ High Precision Rotary Motion Stage from Dover MotionDRT 100™ High Precision Rotary Motion Stage from Dover Motion

Dover's DRT-100 high precision rotary table is an ultracompact, direct-drive rotation stage that establishes a new level of price, performance, and size. Its direct-drive technology eliminates the gear wear, torque variations, and backlash conventional rotary motion tables encounter. Speed, resolution, and repeatability are also increased by a factor of ten or more over a gear driven rotation stage. Despite its high level of performance, the DRT-100 rotation stage is very compact, with body dimensions of 105mm x 105mm x 65mm. Its 25mm through-bore allows convenient routing of optical beam paths or electrical / pneumatic lines.

The DRT-100 rotary motion table offers a standard resolution of 20 micro-radians (~4 arc-seconds, or 0.0011 degrees); due to its direct drive technology, the repeatability is ± 1 count, or ± 20 micro-radians. Speeds to 10 revolutions per second, and accelerations to 400 revolutions per second2, permit rapid point-to-point moves. Settling times are minimized due to the motor design, which allows high servo bandwidths to be achieved. Unlike other rotary motion tables on the market, the electronic interface is completely standard, with digital A Quad B encoder outputs, a standard three phase brushless motor, and three digital Hall commutation sensors. This allows the DRT-100 rotation stage to be driven by a Dover provided controller or any commercial motion controller / amplifier that can drive standard 3 phase brushless motors. The ultra- stiff 4-point contact ball bearing guide way provides a high degree of axial and torsional stiffness, and a once per revolution index sensor allows a unique home location to be defined to enable repeatable rotary motion positioning.


  • High Speed - direct drive motor achieves speed to 10 revolutions/second (3600 degrees/second) with high servo bandwidth for fast move and settle times
  • Reliable - no gear wear, torque variation, or backlash
  • Ultra-Compact - only 105mm x 105mm x 65mm high
  • Open Architecture Design - the first direct drive rotary table that can be controlled and driven by any brushless servo system
  • High Repeatability - ±1 count (4 arc-seconds)



PDF Datasheet -> DRT100 Stage Datasheet


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DRT 100™ High Precision Rotary Motion Stage from Dover Motion

Manufacturer: Dover Motion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: DRT 100™ High Precision Rotary Motion Stage

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