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RT Ball Bearing Motorised Rotary Table by Dover MotionRT Ball Bearing Motorised Rotary Table by Dover Motion

 Dover’s RT Series rotating table incorporates large preloaded ball bearings and a precision worm gear drive.The 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ diameter rotating table versions include a preloaded, anti-backlash drive assembly to provide exceptional angular accuracy and repeatability.There is a standard internally mounted Hall-effect reference sensor that is wired directly to a locking sensor / encoder connector for homing position registration accurate to a single step.

The RT rotating table includes a stepper motor with a knob and a flexible coupling.A second sensor can also be installed to electrically restrict motorized rotary table travel in applications where the full rotational travel needs to be limited to a specific angle of travel less than 360 degrees.Clear apertures (or through hole) are optionally available in different diameters.Upon request when additional positioning feedback is required a motorized rotary table encoder can be specified with our RT Series rotating table, where it provides 0.001 degree resolution encoder feedback when combined with a 180:1 worm gear ratio, 200 step per rev. stepper motor and a divide-by-ten micro- step drive.For increased motorized rotary table accuracy and resolution, 400 count stepper motor or rotary servo motor are available.


  • Cost effective ball bearing design
  • 4" to 12" diameter versions
  • Anti-backlash motorized rotary table worm assembly



PDF Datasheet - > RT Stage Datasheet


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RT Ball Bearing Motorised Rotary Table by Dover Motion

Manufacturer: Dover Motion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: RT Ball Bearing Motorised Rotary Table

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