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Kollmorgen ICH Ironcore Linear Motors Kollmorgen ICH Ironcore Linear Motors

Kollmorgen ICH ironcore linear motors offer a compact design whilst increasing productivity, reducing operating costs and eliminating maintenance fees.

Linear direct drives can increase throughput by up to 40% compared with other drive systems and enable smaller, lighter machines with high energy efficiency due to their compact design.   

Ironcore motors also provide the highest force per frame size and feature an anti-cogging design which yields extremely smooth operation.


Features of the ICH linear motor include:

  • Peak force ICH series: 405 N to 12726 N 
  • Continuous force ICH series: 175 N to 5341 N 
  • Anti-cogging technique for minimal cogging without magnet skewing 
  • High motor constant (Km) 
  • High force density 
  • Thermal protection PTC and KTY84-130 
  • Stainless steel magnet way covers 
  • Isolation system for 480 V AC



ICH Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide PDF VERSION

ICH Ironcore Linear Motor Installation Guide PDF VERSION 

Kollmorgen ICH EU Declaration of Conformity PDF VERSION

Heason Technology has made every effort to ensure the manufacturer’s documentation included in this tab is the very latest release/version. We review the revisions regularly. Please email our applications team at sales@heason.com or any further information.


Manufacturing Partner

Kollmorgen ICH Ironcore Linear Motors

Manufacturer: Kollmorgen | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: ICH Linear Motors

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