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Miniature MAG (MMG) Linear XY Stage from Dover MotionMiniature MAG (MMG) Linear XY Stage from Dover Motion

Mini-Mag Stages deliver nearly twice the accuracy at virtually the same cost as competitive standard-grade options. Short lead times facilitate reduced time to market for equipment manufacturers or provide greater machine uptime for end users in production environments. The MMG will help you to build a better machine faster.

Application Focus: High Throughput Imaging

The MMG delivers excellent mechanical and servo stiffness to optimize motion for three critical aspects of high throughput imaging

Sample / part positioning:Sustained throughput of up to 2000 moves per minute are possible.
Focal Plane Definition: Z objective positioning moves (Frame Capture:In-position stability is key to producing quality images. Position stability / jitter is typically less than 100nm.


  • Travels available from 25mm- 150mm
  • Ideal for high speed step and settle or constant velocity applications
  • Available with integral counterbalance for vertical applications
  • Anti-creep crossed roller ways standard
  • Adjustable end of travel limits
  • Available in either steel or aluminum



PDFDatasheet-> Miniature MAG Linear XY Table Datasheet


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Miniature MAG (MMG) Linear XY Stage from Dover Motion

Manufacturer: Dover Motion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: iniature MAG (MMG) Linear XY Stage

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