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Ball Screw XYR Crossed Roller Way Stage from Dover MotionBall Screw XYR Crossed Roller Way Stage from Dover Motion

The Ballscrew XYR units are low profile X-Y Tables designed specifically for semiconductor wafer positioning. Other common applications include factory automation, microelectronics assembly, and laser machining. The XYR-1517 table is one of the industry’s most versatile and popular stages. It was designed for 300mm semiconductor tools, while the XYR-1511 and XYR-1111 tables were designed for 200mm wafer positioning. The XYR- 1511 table provides extra travel for loading and unloading purposes. The XYR-1111 table is electroless nickel-plated and terminates all motor and limit/encoder signals on the center section.

These tables use 6mm crossed roller ways to minimize errors and provide high stiffness. Precision ground ballscrews allow higher speeds than our leadscrew-driven XYR series tables. A specialized monolithic center couples the upper and lower axes, making the stage stiff and compact, and machining in orthogonality. Both motors are mounted to the center section, so they move with the lower axis. Motors, knobs, couplings, Hall-effect limits, and locking connectors are included.


  • Ideal for wafer positioning
  • Precision crossed-roller ways provide high stiffness
  • High speed, precision ground ballscrews



PDFDatasheet- >XYR Crossed Roller Table Datasheet


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Ball Screw XYR Crossed Roller Way Stage from Dover Motion

Manufacturer: Dover Motion | Category: Business & Industrial | Author: Heason Technology | Product Code: Ball Screw XYR Crossed Roller Way Stage

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