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Belt Drive Unit – Ball Guided MLSM from Thomson LinearBelt Drive Unit – Ball Guided MLSM from Thomson Linear

The Thomson ForceLine MLSM80Z positioning linear slide is an excellent example of Thomson’s high quality engineering. This belt drive unit has been designed with the extremely fast SpeedLine guidance system. In addition, it features the successful patented plastic cover band.

The surface of the unit's power bridge is designed with T-slots on similar spacing, allowing easy X-Y assembly of gantry or Cartesian systems. Installation is possible in almost any direction plus four mounting clamps are included.


  • Four mounting clamps included
  • Adjustable belt tensioning
  • Central lubrication design
  • Double carriages


Specifications / Shaft Size


Profile size (w x h): mm (in)

240 x 85 (9.5 x 3.4)

Type of Belt:

75 ATL 10

Max Stroke Length: mm (in)

5900 (232)

Max Linear Speed: m/s (in/s)

5 (197)

Max Acceleration: m/s2, in/s2

20 (787)

Repeatability: ± mm (in)

0.05 (0.002)

Max Input Speed: rpm (rev/s)

1500 (25)

Operating Temperature: °C (°F)

0 to 80 (32 to 176)

Max Dynamic Load (Fx): N (lbf)

5000 (1124)

Max Dynamic Load (Fy): N (lbf) complete unit

6400 (1439)

Max Dynamic Load (Fz): N (lbf) complete unit

6400 (1439)

Max Dynamic Torque (Mx): Nm (lbf-in) complete unit

600 (5311)

Max Dynamic Torque (My): Nm (lbf-in) complete unit

720 (6373)

Max Dynamic Torque (Mz): Nm (lbf-in)

720 (6373)

Max Drive Shaft Force: N (lbf)

700 (157)

Max Drive Shaft Torque: Nm (lbf-in)

150 (1328)

Pulley Diameter: mm (in)

63.66 (2.51)

Stroke per Shaft Revolution: mm (in)

200 (7.9)

Weight: kg (lb) unit with zero stroke every 100 mm of stroke each carriage

30.8 (67.9) 2.2 (4.85) 9.6 (21.2)


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Belt Drive Unit – Ball Guided MLSM from Thomson Linear

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