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Zettlex 58mm IncOder Range

Zettlex have added the addition of a 58mm IncOder variant to their marketing leading range of encoders. This variant is available from Heason Technology.

What is an IncOder?

An IncOder is a non-contact device used for precision angle measurement. Working similarly to a transformer they use an inductive technique.

IncOders have two main parts, the Stator and the Rotor, which are shaped like a flat ring. The Stator is powered containing the electronics to receive power and generate an output signal. The output signal from the Stator shows the absolute angular position of the Rotor relative to the Stator without the need for motion.

Precise mechanical mounting is not required and there are no bearings. They do not require compliant or special couplings and the Rotor and Stator can be screwed directly onto the host product. Robust hard-anodized aluminium alloy housings and monolithic constructions are used throughout. There are no contacting, sensitive or wearing parts so the need for service and maintenance is just not there.

IncOder angle encoders are true “fit and forget”devices.

What Options does an IncOder come in?

The Zettlex IncOder range comes in more than 100 million product options allowing users to arrange a position sensor to their exact requirement. The new 58mm variant offers yet another option in the range of sizes available.

Darran Kreit, Zettlex’s Technical Manager, confirms “We are pleased to announce the launch of the 58mm IncOder. We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that we can continue to bring new products to market on a regular basis."

What Environments are IncOders suitable for?

Where optical or capacitive angle encoders prove unreliable in harsh conditions, particularly with condensation or dust, the IncOder is unaffected by foreign matter thus making them perfect for adverse environments. It can also withstand temporary submersion to depths of 1 metre in salt or freshwater.

It is also suitable for a wide range of different applications from Antenna pointing devices, packaging and laboratory automation, medical scanners, actuator servos and motor encoders, and robotic arms & CNC machine tools to name but a few.

About the Heason Technology and Zettlex Partnership

Heason signed an agreement with Zettlex towards the end of 2014 for the sales and system integration of this IncOder range of non-contact, inductive angle encoders. This agreement strengthened the existing relationship between the two companies adding to the select number of leading global manufacturing partners that we now represent. Read the press release for more information.

Heason have already successfully designed the IncOder into several applications designed for adverse operatig conditions including a high precision surveilance platforms for global deployment from the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic through to the extreme temeperatures of the Middle East Deserts.

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Article published on: 17/03/2016

Article last updated on: 17/03/2016