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What is a Direct Drive Motor?

What is a direct drive motor?

A direct drive motor can be defined as any type of motor where the load is directly connected to the motor. They do not require any mechanical transmission elements such as couplings; the motor directly drives the load. Using a direct drive motor eliminates the need for belts, gearboxes, and pully systems.

Direct drive motors can be either linear or rotary motors and are sometimes referred to as; torque motors as they produce high torque at low speeds, a brushless motor, permanent magnet, or synchronous motors as this type of motor directly transmits their load to their rotor.

How Do Direct Drive Motors Work?

The two different types of direct drive motors, linear and rotary, work in similar ways.

Rotary direct drive motors operate using magnets, these are attached to the rotor and the windings which are on the stator of the motor. The windings produce electromagnetic fields as they are energised to either attract or repel the magnets within the rotor. This produces a controlled motion within the direct motor itself.

Direct Drive Motor Applications

Using a direct drive motor eliminates mechanical connections and reduces load inertia allowing more dynamic moves. This impacts the types of applications they are most suited for.

Rotary Direct Drive Motor Applications;

  • Goniometer
  • Gimbles
  • Rotary tables
  • SCARA robots
  • 6-axis robot arms

Linear Direct Drive Motor Applications

  • Various automation applications
  • Packaging machines
  • Machine tools
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment


Direct Drive Motor Advantages

Direct drive motors have many advantages, the two main reasons they are selected for use is for their dynamic performance and shape. Other advantages include;  

  • Eliminates mechanical components making them low maintenance
  • No wear or backlash
  • Lower noise production
  • Higher accuracy than alternative solutions
  • High reliability
  • Compact
  • Clean mechanical assembly
  • Low noise
  • High throughput

Direct Drive Motors from Heason

Our wide range of direct drive motors includes both rotary and linear options and come from our suppliers Kollmorgen and Allied Motion. Browse our full range on our website.

If you have an application that you would like to discuss which involves a direct drive motor or any of the products within our portfolio please contact a member of our team.

Article published on: 11/01/2021

Article last updated on: 11/01/2021