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Types of Servo Motor

A servo motor is a rotary motor that is driven by a servo amplifier and applies a rotational force or torque to a system. They typically have built-in positional feedback and are used within closed-loop motion control systems to give speed, torque and positional control.

Types of Servo Motor

There are various types of servo motor, the most common types are:

AC Servo Motor – The most commonly used type of servo motor. These are typically synchronous motors meaning the motor speed is determined by the frequency of the supply voltage and the number of poles. These motors are usually fitted with an encoder which is used for giving closed-loop control feedback. They are also typically brushless motors, meaning no physical connection between the rotating shaft and the outside world. This makes AC brushless servo motors very efficient and reliable. They are used for high repeatability and high accuracy applications and can be controlled precisely.  Common applications are robotics and industrial automation.

DC Servo Motor – These are simpler motors and are often mechanically commutated using brushes. The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the supplied voltage. The most common types of DC motors used in servo (closed-loop) applications are permanent magnet motors. DC motors offer a simpler, lower-cost design but are less efficient than an AC servo motor. DC servo motors are used in light-duty, low-cost applications.

Linear Servo Motors – a linear servo motor is similar to a rotary AC motor other than it is peeled open and laid flat. The permanent magnets are now the motor's stationary part, and the stator is now the moving part. Linear motors can produce high linear forces and can achieve very high accelerations. They are used for such applications as simulators and high-frequency testing.

What are Servo Motors used for?

Servo motors are most commonly found in high-tech devices within industrial applications. Automation technology is one of the most popular areas of use for servo motors. Other areas include:

  • Machine Tools
  • Conveyor Handling Systems
  • Simulation Applications
  • Robotics
  • Printing Press
  • Military & Defence
  • Food & Beverage Applications
  • Sub Sea Applications
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Antenna Positioning

Servo Motors from Heason

Our servo motors are available to order from our suppliers Kollmorgen and ABB.

For more information on our servo motors or for help with your application, please contact us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or email sales@heason.com.  

Article published on: 27/01/2022

Article last updated on: 27/01/2022