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Slip Rings from Heason Technology

Slip Rings, also known as Rotary Joints or Electric Rotary Joints, are just one of the product categories we offer here at Heason. Over the past five years we have partnered with Servotecnica to supply and distribute Slip Rings exclusively in the UK. Our portfolio of Slip Rings offer compact designs, making them suitable for applications where space is restricted.

Other key features include:

  • IP65 protection
  • Water Resistant to IP67 standard
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Compliant to CO and/or ROHS
  • Mountable of the shaft
  • Flat design

Take a look below at the reasons why you should choose Heason Technology as your Slip Ring supplier:

Custom Solutions

Our team of experts are able to create a solution tailored to suit your specific requirements, whether that’s to offer advice on the best Slip Ring for your application or a design based service where we are able to combine electric (power, signal and fieldbus), fluidic (air, water, oil and gas) and fibre optic (high data-rate) transmissions.

Support and Expertise

We have always focused our efforts on technological innovation and know-how because we believe that investing on knowledge always pay back. We work closely with Servotecnica to provide customers with update to date technical information and advice. Support and efficiency is key to providing a good service.

Over recent months, Servotecnica have renamed their range of Slip Rings from SRC, SRH, SRK and SRT to a more simplified SVTS range to enable customers to easily select the most suitable Slip Ring for 

High-quality and Cost-effective Slip Rings

We have constantly optimised our processes over the years to get the best quality at the most competitive price on the market. Our technical team can provide a thorough analysis of your application to find out the best solution, stripped down to its bare essentials and heavily weighted in favour of the key features that make your application unique in price and performance.

Servotecnica has recently re-named their range of Slip Rings from SRC, SRH, SRK and SRT to a more simplified SVTS range.

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Article published on: 10/05/2018

Article last updated on: 10/05/2018