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Slip rings for bottle labelling machines

Bottle labelling machines consist of rotating carousels equipped with guides along the perimeter. The latter, thanks to either stepper or brushless motors, positions the bottles which have been placed on them in rotation.

Each bottle is moved forward and spaced evenly through a screw conveyor belt and then transferred onto the carousel plate. The rotation of the carousel brings the bottles to the labelling station and subsequently to the exit. As this takes place the labels are picked from the warehouse, placed and wrapped around the bottles.

The label and moving process towards the bottle, and the plate/carousel rotation, are synchronised. All synchronisation is obtained thanks to servomotors, drives and a specific software loaded onto the motion control.

The majority of these components are located on board the carousel and rotate with it. A stainless-steel housed slip ring is required to transfer power supply, controls and fieldbuses from the stationary structure to the rotating one. The ideal slip ring for this purpose is the SVTS D Series slip ring.

What can the SVTS D series slip ring offer?

SVTS D Series Slip Rings are suitable for transmission of signals, video signals, field buses and currents over 50A.

They are particularly suitable to harsh environments where conditions require sturdy objects and suitable materials for the food & beverage industry, particularly bottle labelling machines. The use of fibre brush and gold-gold technology in the D series SVTS series of slip rings ensures a long life and high-quality signal transmission.

This particular series makes good use of special technology which allows it to get multiple contact points between brushes and rings, low contact electric resistance, reduced electric noise a low wear.

They are also available in many standard configuration and customised versions.

SVTS D series slip ring  Applications

In addition to bottle labelling machines, the SVTS D Series Slip Ring is also suitable for:

  • Fillings machines
  • Capping machines
  • Converting machines
  • Automatic machines
  • Hose reels
  • Machine tools
  • Medical systems
  • Packaging
  • Printing machines
  • Process control
  • Robots
  • Rotary tables

For more information visit the SVTS D series product page, or view the SVTS catalogue.

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Article published on: 28/03/2017

Article last updated on: 28/03/2017