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Single cable feedback for S300 and S700 servo drive series

Servo drive series S300 and S700 are now able to transmit power, brake control and feedback through one single cable. From the beginning of April 2017, all standard S300 and S700 servo drives have been manufactured with the new firmware 6.00, which supports single cable technology. Matching hybrid cables are also available.

The memory of the drives has also been increased ensure continued development of these series of servo drives. In the future, each of the drives with increased memory will:

  • Have new hardware versions S300: 4.20 / S700: 2.30
  • Have a new monitor program
  • Have the ability to be programmed with older software versions

Firmware released will continue to support drives with the old memory chip throughout 2017, but without single cable feature. From 2018, the new firmware will only support drives with the latest flash memory chip.

Rigorous processes have taken place to identify and validate all hardware and software modifications of the S300 and S700 series, and it has been confirmed by Kollmorgen that no functionality will be lost because of this update.

We would like to reassure our customers that repairs on old devices can still be carried out.

For specific product information, take a look at the S300 and S700 servo drives on our website.

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Article published on: 11/09/2017

Article last updated on: 11/09/2017