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Sensor Analysis in Action: Heason Technology Linearity Test Rig

We have recently commissioned an exciting development as part of our automated production testing regime with the introduction of a Linearity Test Rig for our range of Linear Position Sensors.

Designed and manufactured on-site by our team of Engineering specialists, for our sister company Variohm EuroSensor, the Linearity Test Rig is a cutting edge piece of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) used to assess the performance of sensors as they complete their manufacturing process

What is the Purpose of the Linearity Test Rig?

The Linearity Test Rig is used to validate Sensor build and confirm Sensor Performance within a defined specification. The Rig will be used to generate test data for each Sensor showing independent linearity along full length of travel.

Our Linearity Test Rig will be able to create a time-stamped record of force (resistance), independent linearity and provide a performance benchmark for every Sensor made on-site by us to refer to in the future. This will allow us to continue to confirm our consistently high standard of Sensor manufacture.

What are the Benefits of the Linearity Test Rig for our Customers?

Controlling and minimising independent linearity provides our customers with the closest possible approximation to a theoretically perfect straight line response from the measuring device.

How Does it Work?

Our Linearity Test Rig allows for automated measurement and validation of Linear Sensors.  A Sensor is quickly and easily mounted into the Test Rig via precision located dowels with sprung loaded clips. The fixed end is easily adjustable to accommodate a variety of different Sensor Measuring lengths (from 25 to 250mm).

The Sensor is electrically connected to the Test Rig via quick-release electric terminals which supply a precision-controlled voltage to the Sensor and record the signal feedback. Using a 0.1µm resolution encoder, a precision load cell and 16 bit DAC, the NI Labview based software interface records the linear position, the Sensor feedback, supply voltage and the force that is being exerted onto the Sensor, all whilst it moves the Sensor along its complete length of travel.

Key Features

Key features of the Linearity Test Rig include:

  • Load Cell – to measure force exerted on Sensor across the full extent of travel

  • Piezo Ceramic Motor – compact, ultra high resolution with a wide dynamic speed range
  • Force Restriction - Unable to exert excessive force to cause damage to the Sensor (linear potentiometer).
  • Voltage - 16bit DAC  to record accurately the supply voltage and signal voltage for linearity measurements
  • Measurement - 0.1 µm linear encoder for linear measurement comparison
  • Software - Fully automated software program
  • Reporting - Exports all data to Excel for report generation
  • Installation - Quick and easy installation and removal of Linear Sensors to be tested.

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Article published on: 04/11/2015

Article last updated on: 04/11/2015