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Products for Motion Control

Here at Heason Technology, motion control is our speciality. We are a leading world-class distributor of motion control products and solutions. We have been working in this field for over 3 decades.

Our complete range of motion control products gives us the ability to help with any application within this field. Our main industries include; transport, renewable energy, medical, aerospace and defence, industrial automation, printing and packaging, food and beverage, simulation and motorsport, comms and security and waste management.

Products for Motion Control

We have a complete range of motion control products available. These can all be viewed on our website.


Motors are available in different types and in different size and package types. We have a range of compatible servo and stepper drives.

Our range of motors includes servo, stepper, geared, pancake and direct drive motors.

Precision Stages

Precision stages is another motion control product used in applications where high precision positioning is required.

Our precision stages range includes screw driven stages, direct drive stages and rotary stages.

Servo Drives

Servo drives are available as either AC or DC with advanced control technology, control interfaces and multiple fieldbus technology.  

Our servo drive range includes AC servo drives, Stepper Drives, DC Servo Drives, Harsh Environment and Servo Drives. Accessories are also available.

Precision Screws

Precision screws are often used to convert rotary movements into linear movements or vice-vera.

There are different types of screws available, each one uses a different mechanism. Our range includes ball screws, lead screws, glide screws, trapezoidal screws, and ball splines. 


Actuators are mechanical or electromechanical devices that are used to enable movement or control within a mechanism. They are commonly used within motors, pumps, switches and calved in various manufacturing and industrial applications.

Our range includes linear actuators, rotary actuators, industrial actuators, and screw jacks.


Gearboxes are very complex devices used within motion control. To work sufficiently, gearboxes must offer high precision and high performance.

Our gearbox range includes planetary gearboxes, zero backlash gearboxes and worm gears.

Linear Positioning

Linear position sensors are used to accurately measure the position of a device or object along a singular vertical axis.

Linear position sensors offered from Heason include screw driven linear units, belt driven units, lifting columns, linear guides, and precision joints.

Slip Rings

Slip rings are electro-mechanical drives that are used to transmit power, electrical signals and data between stationary components and rotating components.

Our range of slip rings include capsule slip rings, hollow shaft slip rings, flat slip rings and harsh environment slip rings.

Machine Control

Machine control involves the integration of various equipment into machines to gain better control of the device.

The machine control products we can offer includes; motion controllers, machine safety devices, HMIs and Remote I/O.

Bespoke Solutions

At Heason we are also able to offer bespoke systems. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your motion control application.

Products for Motion Control from Heason

All our Motion Control Products can be found on our website. We are proud to be able to provide specialist consultancy on all our motion control products to assist with your applications.

For more information on any of our products browse our website or contact us.

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Article published on: 08/03/2021

Article last updated on: 08/03/2021