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New generation high-torque frameless servo motors are lighter and more compact: Kollmorgen’s new TBM™2G series available from Heason Technology

Recently announced by Kollmorgen, the global leader in motion components and systems, and available with full support through UK distribution partner Heason Technology, a new generation of high torque-density frameless servo motors deliver elevated torque capacities in extremely compact rotor/stator package sizes. The high-performance brushless TBM2G series is available in seven rotor/stator frame sizes, each with three stack lengths, for rated power output from 200 W to 1 .43 kW and continuous torque from 0.27 to 6 Nm. Designed for operation at 48 VDC and below with windings optimised for the speed and torque requirements of 3.5 and 15 kg collaborative robots, the series is available with optional Hall sensors, thermal sensors and other accessories to facilitate robotic systems with lower joint weights for faster and smoother movements, improved energy efficiency and lower thermal rise.  

The TBM2G series features outer frame diameters from 50 to 115 mm with large through-holes that can generously accommodate encoders, cabling, and other services. Through each frame size, the compact length of the frameless assembly allow maximum envelope space for encoders/resolvers, gear units etc. A stainless-steel yoke ring supports the epoxy coated neodymium magnet for maximum corrosion resistance and Kollmorgen’s extensive automated engineering capability allows flexibility for application specific winding modifications and sensor/feedback options to be included with fast delivery times.

Heason Technology has a long distribution partnership association with Kollmorgen using its extensive motion system design and integration capability to facilitate customer requirements with drives, motion control hardware and software support. Distribution partnerships with other globally recognised motion component, automation and positioning equipment manufacturers allows Heason Technology’s capabilities to range from single components such as servo and stepper motors, feedback devices and precision gear units to the complete delivery of fully automated motion-specific assemblies that include bespoke mechanics and controls as sub-systems or complete standalone systems. For further information, please visit www.heason.com.

Article published on: 03/03/2023

Article last updated on: 03/03/2023