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Heason's Top Three Servo Motors

Servo motors are just one category of advanced motion products we offer to our customers. These particular types of motors offer high performance, high power density with multiple options including brakes, electronics and feedback, many of which can be used in harsh environments.

Whether you have a requirement for a Servo Motor designed for harsh environments found in the food and beverage industry, a servo motor for explosion proof environments found in oil and gas or extreme temperature environments, Heason Technology has it covered. 

We’ve brought you an overview of our top three servo motors below.

AKMH Stainless Steel Series Servo Motor

Our AKMH Stainless Steel Servo motors offer reduced cleaning times without compromising on performance or installation space. Made up of a Linear Actuator combined with a Linear Drive these Servomotors are ideal for lifting units, measuring pourers and formatting adjustments in the packaging, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Features include:

  • Hygienic housing design preventing the build-up of bacteria
  • Open machine design making cleaning easy
  • Single-cable connection reducing the effort required for cabling by 50%
  • High level product safety in accordance with USDA, 3A and NSF requirements

Read more on the AKMH Stainless Steel Servo motor page on our website.

AKM Washdown Servo Motor

Our AKM Washdown Servo motors are practical and cost effective employing high grade stainless steel housings. With a two-component epoxy coating and stainless steel output shafts these servo motors have a vast resistance to corrosive chemicals and are suitable for use in the food, beverage and packaging industries.

Features include:

  • Static torques from 1 to 25 N-m
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals including highly acidic or alkaline cleaning products
  • Wide range of standard lengths, windings, feedback systems and connection technologies

Read more on the AKM Washdown Servo motor page on our website.

VLM Servo Motor

Our VLM Servo motors offer standard motor sizes, windings and mounts required for most applications. These servo motors are of exceptional quality and value, are easy to use and are available with standard connector options and matching cables.

Features include:

  • NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes
  • Rated speeds of up to 6,000 rpm
  • 1m and 3m lead lengths available
  • IP40 protection and RoHS compliant

Read more on the VLM Servo motor page on our website.

Take a look at our full range of servo motors. Alternatively, for more information contact sales@heason.com or call us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300.

Article published on: 19/01/2016

Article last updated on: 19/01/2016