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Frameless Motors: What are they and where are they used?

Frameless Motors are something we offer here at Heason. Electric motors are often known as independent components within an application. A Frameless motor can be integrated directly into a machine for better efficiency.

What is a Frameless Motor?

A frameless motor does not include a shaft, bearings or end-caps, instead, the motor is directly integrated into the mechanical structure of the machine where the rotor is connected directly to the rotating shaft of the machine. This results in an optimised design and a lighter weight machine. 

Why choose a frameless Motor for your application?

Frameless motors are often selected for use because;

  • They offer significant cost benefits
  • They offer smoother operation
  • They are highly efficient which tends to lower energy costs
  • Heat management can be optimised by embedding the motor into the machine
  • They offer improved servo performance, therefore, increase productivity
  • They are quiet
  • They reduce carbon footprint as fewer devices are required within a machine
  • They offer flexible design elements

Where are Frameless Motors used?

Because of the benefits they offer, frameless motors are used in applications where high efficiency and space optimization are required. Typical applications include; machine tools, mixers, robotics and centrifuges, winders.

Frameless Motors from Heason

Our frameless motors are part of our Motors category and we have the following options

  • Kollmorgen KBM
  • Kollmorgen TBM
  • Quantum Frameless Brushless Servo motors

Contact us for more information and to discuss your application.

Article published on: 18/10/2021