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Elmo's EASII Motion Control Tutorial Videos: Better, Faster & Easier

Elmo have recently released their EASII Motion Control Better, Faster & Easier tutorial videos to assist you with drive setup as well as achieving peak performance.

These self-paced tutorials are designed to provide an overview on the Elmo Application Studio II. In addition they will demonstrate how to build fast and easy EASII Motion Control applications giving you the tools you need to walk-you-through your motion implementation with ease.

We highly recommend viewing these videos, not only because they are free and easy to access, but because they offer a step-by-step verbal and visual guide which addresses the implementation of advanced multi-axis motion control. Building a motion control system has never been so easy.

What topics are covered in these EASII Motion Control videos?

Topics include:

  • Introducing IEC 61131
  • Structured Text Language
  • Function Block Diagram Language

Each of the EASII Motion Control videos simplifies the learning process and assist in gaining a better understanding of IEC programming with EASII, Modbus configuration and usage and the Gold Maestro Motion Controller Application Studio (GDS) that in turn increases productivity. 

Topic 1; Introducing IEC 61131

The Introducing IEC 61131 video describes the entire IEC programming environment within EASII.  Topics include handling projects, programs on the project’s pane, familiarisation with the development window, variable editor and block’s pane, and the output window.

The Ladder Diagram Language video explains how to create an IEC LD program.  At the end of the video you will have the ability to code a program in IEC 61131 LD language.

The Sequential Function Chart Language video demonstrates how to create an IEC SFC program and concludes with the ability to code a program in IEC 61131 in SFC language.

Topic 2; Structured Text Language

The Structured Text Language video demonstrates how to create an IEC ST program. This step-by step guide finishes by creating an ST project and having the ability to code a program.

The IEC User Templates and Example Options Part I video provides an overview on the IEC user templates and example options.  The IEC is an overview of the numerous templates that Elmo makes available to the user when starting a new project.

The Ready Templates & Examples Part II video assists in creating a simple program using the PRJ_TMPLT_2 machine template. At the end of the session, you will be able to implement a program using an IEC template.

Topic 3; Function Block Diagram Language Video

The Function Block Diagram Language video guides how to create an IEC FBD program and finishes by creating an FBD project and having the ability to code.

The Using Ready Templates & Examples Part III video will guide you how to debug and run an IEC program created using the PRJ_TMPLT_2 machine template by overviewing the debug and running tools.

The Modbus Configuration Tool video reviews how to configure a Modbus table using Modbus configuration tools in conjunction with an IEC Modbus based user program.

The Creating a GDS Library video overviews the steps to generate a user defined library in a GDS environment for C/C++ projects.  The tutorial takes you step-by-step until successful completion of the project is verified. 

Elmo is offering login access to its EASII Motion Controlvideos, allowing anyone to experience first-hand the intuitive motion tools provided by their newest Application Studio. A remote system will be released within the near future.

Simply register for these user-friendly videos by clicking hereYou can also register for a set of step-by-step IEC exercises which complement the tutorial videos.

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Article published on: 16/02/2016

Article last updated on: 16/02/2016