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Electrical Slip Rings

Electrical slip rings are rotating electric collectors used for transferring power and signals from a fixed structure to a continually rotating one, this allows for continuous rotation which prevents mechanical torsion stress.

Electrical slip rings are also referred to as;

  • Electric rotary joint
  • Electric collector
  • Electric joint
  • Electrical joint  

Electrical Slip Ring Types

Our electrical slip rings come from our supplier Servotecnica, the types we can offer come in the following categories

  • Capsule Slip Rings
  • Hollow Shaft Slip Rings
  • Flat Slip Rings
  • Slip Rings for Harsh Environments

Find out more about each of these categories in our “Types of Slip Ring” blog post

Capsule Electrical Slip Rings

The SVTS A series contain no through holes, diameters are 12 mm to 22 mm and they offer between 3 and 56 circuits. The gold-gold technology and the brushes of the rings allow for the transfer of high frequency signals as well as fieldbuses up to 1G bandwidth. They are well suited to applications such as video surveillance and in medical applications.

The SVTS B “Faston” Series has a diameter of between 32 and 45 mm and has from 2 to 6 contacts. Because they have optional IP65 protection rating and can carry both analogue power and signal at the same time, they are wells suited to applications in flow pack, packaging and rotary tables.

Hollow Shaft Electrical Slip Rings

The SVTS C Series is a through bore or hollow shaft series electrical slip ring. These are highly popular and versatile products. The diameter for the hollow shaft can be from 3mm to 100mm. They can transmit very high-power levels whilst delivering digital, analogue and fieldbus signals. This type of slip ring is well suited to include medical applications, CN Machinery, packaging applications and pharmaceutical applications. 

The SVTS E Series frameless electrical slip rings have concentrated high power levels for their small size. They are particularly economical and are well suited to wind turbine applications.

Flat Electrical Slip Rings

SVTS F Series is a flat electrical slip ring which offers long life. They offer similar performance to the C series which they are derived from. This type of electrical slip ring is well suited to medical equipment, revolving doors and rotary tables. 

Harsh Environment Electrical Slip Rings

The SVTS D Series is robust and suitable for harsh environments including the food industry and machine tools. They have an IP65 protection rating and steel casing for added protection.

Electrical Slip Rings from Heason Technology

Our electrical slip rings have the following benefits;

  • Cost effective
  • Long life
  • High quality
  • High performance
  • IP Protection rated where required
  • Suitable for a range of environments

If you have an application which requires an electrical slip ring please contact us.

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Article published on: 08/02/2021

Article last updated on: 08/02/2021