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Ball Screw Applications

Ball screws are a key part of our product portfolio at Heason Technology. You can find them on our Precision Screws page.

What is a Ball Screw?

A Ball Screw is a type of mechanical device which translates rotary motion to linear motion with as much as 98% efficiency. To do this, a ball screw uses a recirculating ball mechanism, ball bearings move along a threaded shaft between the screw shaft and the nut.

Ball screws are designed to apply or withstand high thrust loads with minimum internal friction.

The ball bearings are used to eliminate friction between the nut and the screw and offer a high level of efficiency, load capacity and positioning accuracy.

Ball Screw Applications

Ball screws are well suited to applications in extreme environments such as high-performance machine tools, or very delicate and sensitive applications including medical devices.

Ball screws are generally suited to applications where the following elements are required:

  • High Efficiency
  • Smooth Motion and Operation
  • High Accuracy
  • High Precision
  • Prolonged continuous or high-speed movement

Some specific applications for Ball Screws are;

Electric vehicles – the ball screw can be used to replace a common hydraulic system.

Wind turbines – ball screws are used in blade pitch and directional position.

Solar Panels – the ball screws help to provide two or three axis movements.

Hydro Electric Stations – ball screws are used to control gates.

Motorised inspection tables – a ball screw will be used within the mechanism which helps to achieve the desired position of the tables for a given application.

Lithography equipment – ball screws are used within step photolithography machines in microscopic integrated circuits.

Automotive power steering systems – ball screws are used in automatic steering systems.  

Ball Screw Advantages

To make them suitable for the applications they are selected for, ball screws have the following advantages;

  • Highly efficient – they require less torque and are smaller than any alternative device.
  • Highly accurate – this means they can offer high positional accuracy as well as repeatability which is desirable for most applications.
  • Low friction – this enables them to function at a lower temperature than other options.
  • Adjustments – they can be adjusted so the preload can be increased or decreased.
  • Long life – the need to replace is lower compared to other alternatives.
  • Available in various screw diameters – at Heason we can offer 4mm to 80mm

Ball Screws from Heason Technology

Our ball screws are available in a full range of

  • Diameters
  • Leads and ball nut configurations.
  • Pre-loaded or non-preloaded options.

All our ball screws are manufactured to industry standard and provide high accuracy and repeatability. 

Browse our full range of ball screws on our website. For more information or to discuss your application please contact us.

Article published on: 24/02/2021

Article last updated on: 24/02/2021