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Avoid cable damage to your moving head projector

In the present-day moving head projectors are being used much more frequently in theatres and Shows. Also known as intelligent lighting, or moving lights, they can be controlled in many ways - the most recent development being Remote Device Management.

These types of projectors must be resistant and extremely flexible in order to solve a variety of problems faced by lighting engineers. For this reason, these projectors are equipped with a wide range of motors to manoeuvre them when the requirement for quiet, smooth and high-speed movements (such as tilt, pan and focus) is a necessity.

To control the motors and sensors it is necessary to run the cables through the pan movement, however, as a consequence, the cables can become twisted and the functionality can be affected. To avoid either cable damage to the moving head projector it is necessary to use a Slip Ring on the pan axis.

In cases where it may be necessary to have more than one turn in both directions for making the moving head projector more flexible, Slip Rings become mandatory.

The most suitable Slip Ring for this type of projector is our SVTS A 03/04 Series.

What is an SVTS A Series Slip Ring?

This particular series of Slip Rings can be used for any system requiring transmission of an electrical or power signal to an intermittent, or continuous, rotating shaft. With a small ring diameter this enables a low peripheral speed between brushes and rings, as well as reduced dynamic imbalance that means very low wear and low life.

Designed to deliver a flexible, cost-effective, reliable and high-quality solution these Slip Rings are available in a variety of configurations and with 3 to 56 circuits. Their compact size also allows installation into small systems requiring high performance.

The SVTAS A Series use gold to gold alloy assuring long lifetime, reduced electric noise, interferences between circuits and low contact electric resistance. Features include: 


  • Voltage: SVTS A Series (SRC): 240 VDC / 240 VAC
  • Current: 1A continuous / 2A peak: AWG28 2A: AWG26 4A: AWG22 6A: AWG20 8÷12A: AWG16 
  • 20A: AWG14
  • Cables: Silver plated – PTEE insulation and colour coded
  • Cables Length: 250mm standard (other lengths on demand)
  • Dielectric Strength: 500 VAC @ Hz @ 60 sec
  • Insulation Resistance: > 500 MΩ /500 VDC
  • Noise: < 100 MΩ @ 6 VCC and 50 mA (@5 rpm)
  • Nominal Speed: 250 rpm (higher speed, up to 600 rpm, on demand)
  • Bearings:  Miniature, precision steel ball bearings
  • Contact: Gold to gold alloy
  • Temperature: -20 degrees celcius to +80 degrees celcius (or -40 +80 degrees celcius as option)
  • Protection: IP 51
  • Operational Life: 10,000,000 revolutions (depending on speed and on environmental conditions)


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Article published on: 16/05/2017

Article last updated on: 16/05/2017