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Adopting Direct Drive Technology into Modern Automation Equipment

There are many advantages of adopting Direct Drive Technology into modern automation equipment. In this blog post we look at what Direct Drive Technology is and what the many benefits of using it are.

What is Direct Drive Technology?

Direct Drive Technology involves the use of a Direct Drive Mechanism. A Direct Drive Mechanism is one that takes the power coming from a servo motor without any reductions, directly coupling to the customer’s payload.

What are the advantages of Direct Drive Technology?

Adopting Direct Drive Technology is recognised from an engineering, commercial and competitive perspective to bring many benefits to machine builders.  Advantages include:


  • Improved productivity
  • Reduction of overall machine volume
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Longer lifetime due to fewer moving parts
  • High torque at a low RPM
  • Want all the gain without the pain? Talk to us!


Using Direct Drive Technology to tightly integrate a torque motor into your latest machine development requires some detailed expertise. Talk to our product experts here at Heason Technology whose speciality is torque motor integration.  Let us bring you all the benefits without any of the hassle. 

We can offer a range of standard, custom and fully bespoke packaged torque motors to your exact requirements. This includes complete flexibility for the machine designer in terms of:


  • Speeds
  • Torques
  • Packaging formats (shape/diameter/length etc.)
  • Shafts
  • Through bores
  • Feedback devices
  • Holding brakes
  • Water jackets
  • Operating voltages
  • Connector typE

Call us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or email us at sales@heason.com to speak with our specialist engineering team about your requirements.

Article published on: 30/06/2015

Article last updated on: 30/06/2015