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SPINEA'S new generation TwinSpin® G series high precision gear reducer: Higher torque-to-inertia ratio for precision gear unit system

Spinea's TwinSpin high-precision gear unit range has been expanded with a new generation version of its unique integrated radial-axial bearing gear reducer which offers significantly improved performance.

Following a re-design of the main bearing system and implementation of advanced manufacturing technology, the new TwinSpin G series has much reduced bearing friction and hysteresis for lower lost motion. 

The new design yields a significantly upgraded torque-to-weight ratio and a double-digit increase in tilting stiffness for much improved rigidity. With supply and full range support in the UK by Heason Technology, the new G series is also offered in a much wider range than original TwinSpin gear units - nine frame sizes cover rated torques from 34 to 4000 Nm with sealed output-only or fully sealed gear unit variants for direct connection with a drive motor.

Spinea’s TwinSpin is a unique gear unit solution, integrating heavy-duty radial-axial bearings with a high-precision trochoidal gear reduction system into a single compact unit that removes the need for separate load support bearings or mechanics. The new G-series is aimed at demanding motion control applications where high-precision, high torque transmission and backlash-free performance is required, particularly where cost and space savings are important considerations. The TwinSpin principle has been successfully applied to all types of robotics, machine tools and tool changers, handling and assembly machines, defence and surveillance tracking systems, and much more.

The G-series’ improved torque-to-weight ratio and increased tilting stiffness will allow smaller, lighter and less complex machine design which brings cost benefits and extends application potential. An optional lost motion specification of less than 0.5 arc-min is now made available on even in the smallest frame sizes for increased precision and positioning repeatability. 

The TwinSpin’s already highly rated ‘linearity of torsional characteristics’ is also enhanced to almost 100% - allowing greater design predictability for torsional stiffness. Furthermore, the new generation design provides more flexibility for custom matching the dynamic parameters of the main bearing to the customer's needs.

The TwinSpin G-series covers nine frame sizes with nominal diameter from 75 to 335 mm and with rated torque from 34 to 4000 Nm. Maximum acceleration torque is model dependant at between two- and approximately three-times the rated torque. 

Within each model range, standard reduction ratios span from around 40 to 75:1 for the smallest unit and 59 to 107:1 for the largest, whilst rated input speeds are up to 2000 rpm. Version options include gear units with hollow shafts which can accommodate slip rings, electrical cables and other services for convenient machinery installations.

Through its in-house custom design and build service, Heason Technology has integrated many TwinSpin gear reducers over more than a decade of working closely with Spinea. 

These have included bespoke rotary actuators where servo motors or separate rotor/stator torque motors have been integrated with motion controls, positioning and other customised mechanics for complete motion system solutions.

For further information, please visit www.heason.com or call +44 (0) 1403 792 300

Article published on: 23/02/2018

Article last updated on: 23/02/2018