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Precision Electric Actuators offer longer life and up to 100% duty cycle

Electrak® LL series high-performance electric actuators from Thomson Industries Inc. are aimed at applications where long maintenance-free working life and extended duty cycle lifting and moving tasks in challenging environments are prime requisites. Available with full support from Heason Technology, Thomson’s authorised UK distributor, the Electrak LL combines a high-efficiency brushless motor and drive with low friction ball screw and nut mechanics in a sealed IP66-rated housing that includes onboard control. An ideal standalone solution for gate and valve control, pick and place, logistics and materials handling and more, the durable actuator’s 24 V supply voltage and high efficiency makes it especially well-matched for mobile machinery applications in construction and agriculture as well as a compelling alternative for pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders on lift and load machinery. With a choice of stroke lengths from 100 to 500 mm, a full load up to 6 kN at 35%duty cycle and 100% duty cycle for task-dependant lower loads, the actuator has a travel life of 600 km.

The Electrak LL series’ control card provides standalone end-to-end position control triggered by separate extend and retract inputs - or the stroke can be set and adjusted by externally located end of stroke limit switches that can be and configured to provide overtravel protection. The controller - which complies to the railway standards EN 50155, EN 60077 and EN 4554 - delivers a constant speed regardless of the actual load and includes controlled braking for repeatable and protected operation for the actuator and its connected equipment. To further ensure safe and reliable use, overload protection includes current monitoring that isolates the supply if exceeded, replicating a mechanical clutch. The controller further includes temperature monitoring with compensation in addition to voltage monitoring whilst a mechanical holding brake option prevents back-driving for vertical oriented positioning. The long-life ball-screw and nut assembly also features a load-dependant locking capability.

The LL series actuator is supplied in stroke lengths from 100 to 500 mm in increments of 50 mm. Dynamic load rated options of 4 or 6 kN are available with speeds set at 30 or 15 mm/sec respectively. With its 35% duty cycle at full load, the actuator is estimated to have a 10 to 20% higher duty performance rating than other comparable electric linear actuators. Heason Technology engineers can assist for detailed life vs. load calculations where up to 100% duty cycle is possible.

Wide application flexibility is ensured with a comprehensive choice of front and rear mechanical interfacing options that include stainless steel pin, forked and threaded adapters. The Electrak LL is particularly robust and durable with a highly corrosion protected aluminium and polycarbonate housing which is washdown-compatible and includes UV-resistant surface treatment. Specifications, options and accessories are covered in a 16-page brochure, available on request from Heason Technology.

With its own in-house design and system integration capability Heason Technology has represented Thomson for several years and supports other globally leading motion control equipment suppliers. The West Sussex based motion specialist offers comprehensive sales and service from single components such as stepper and servo motors, intelligent drives, motion controls and positioning mechanics to fully automated systems that include bespoke mechanics complete with drive electronics and automation control software. 

Article published on: 25/07/2022

Article last updated on: 25/07/2022