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New Brushless Torque Motor Features Integrated Servo Drive with Encoder Feedback

One-piece direct-drive motion solution: New brushless torque motor features integrated servo drive with encoder feedback

The recently launched Megaflux MFH170i series brushless torque motors from Allied Motion Inc. are available from motion control systems integrator Heason Technology. The compact direct-drive solution for high-torque applications in robotics, scanning, tracking and other high precision motion systems comprises a powerful servo motor with an integrated digital servo drive and a high resolution optical encoder as a completely integrated package.

The 170 mm diameter motor is available in three stack lengths of approximately 114, 130 and 155 mm with peak torque ratings of 8.5, 11.9 and 16.9 Nm. Rated speeds are between 750 and 1000 rpm whilst the 360 line encoder has a programmable resolution of up to 59 million counts per rev. The MFH170i is packaged in a robust aluminium housing complete with a duplex bearing arrangement for axially and radially stable mounting. All models feature a large 63.5 mm internal bore, allowing ample space for feed-through of electrical or fluid-power services. The high-torque to inertia integrated servo motor requires a 48 VDC supply voltage and also features an efficient motor constant rating so will suit mobile applications. 

The Megaflux brushless torque motor-drive’s impressive 20 kHz PWM servo control features Allied Motion’s sinusoidal SVM commutation for smooth operation and fine positioning. A choice of position, velocity and current (torque) loops, with update rates of 500, 200 and 100 microseconds respectively, combine with  primary and secondary command inputs that can be configured for analogue (12-bit) voltage or current control.

Further possibilities for position control are available with CANopen or Modbus RTU fieldbus and .NET framework. Allied Motion’s own INControl PC software is used for set-up and tuning via a built-in RS-232 port. For machine control of overtravel limits, datum switches and other exterior equipment, the controller also includes a complement of 6/3 programmable inputs/outputs and a single analogue output. Protection features include bus under- and over-voltage, short circuit, I2T as well as drive and motor over-current.

About Heason Technology

Heason Technology represents a select number of leading global manufacturing partners, providing a comprehensive range of first-class motion control components that are combined with a full in-house design-and-build service for complete motion system solutions. Through this capability Heason are able to supply Allied Motion’s Megaflux SH170i series torque motors as part of customised system solutions with other motion axes, specialised position controls and bespoke positioning mechanics.

Article published on: 16/06/2015