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KOLLMORGEN expands single-cable connection technology to S700 servo drive range

Recently announced by KOLLMORGEN, the motion specialists innovative single-cable technology is now available for its SERVOSTAR series S700 servo controllers. Available with full technical support in the UK from Heason Technology, the single motor feedback and power cable option - which is well proven on the AKD and AKD-N servo drive range - brings benefits which include faster, more straightforward and lower cost installation.

The in-house developed technology is included with the S700 series in combination with the SFD digital resolver or Hiperface DSL encoder options. The single-cable replaces the separate power and signal leads and dual connectors found on competitive servo drives. As well as simplified wiring and cost advantages, other compelling reasons to consider the technology include space and weight saving which reduces inertia on moving machinery as well as a lowered spares inventory burden. The fully scalable technology is equally suited to new-build or retrofitted machine automation applications.

KOLLMORGEN’s SERVOSTAR series S700 servo controllers include a plug-in SIL3 safety technology module which is not subject to communications bus limiting factors, and so performs with no loss of time or reaction delay. Aimed at sophisticated drive tasks, the full range spans maximum continuous output current from 1.5 to 72 Amps from single and three phase supplies. With macro support in IEC 61131-3 based languages plus EtherCAT® and CANopen integrated bus communications, the range suits high-throughput automation where fast and synchronised position control is required with high levels of safety. Other high-level features include Safe Torque Off (STO) and cogging compensation for ultra-smooth performance. The servo drive range is supported and performance optimised with KOLLMORGEN’s housed AKM series and frameless KBM series brushless servo motors.

As a UK Certified Channel Partner for KOLLMORGEN, and with its own in-house design and system integration capability in addition to distribution partnerships with leading motion equipment suppliers, Heason Technology services extend from motion component supply to fully automated motion assemblies that include bespoke mechanics and motion controls as sub-systems or complete standalone systems. 

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Article published on: 03/01/2018