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High force linear motors: Kollmorgen ICH direct drive motors maximise power density for high-throughput tasks

Kollmorgen's ICH series iron-core linear motors are aimed at high precision positioning applications that require extremely high speeds and accelerations for maximum production throughput

Available from Heason Technology – Kollmorgen’s UK Gold Partner – these direct drive motors deliver continuous operation linear force between 175 and 5341 N with maximum force available for acceleration to more than 12,000 N. When assembled into linear positioning systems with associated mechanics for appropriate loads and matched servo drives, this translates to speeds ranging from a few microns per second up to five metres per second with accelerations to 10 g.

With the ICH series optimised for maximum heat dissipation and for voltages up to 700 VDC, these compelling performance specifications will suit elevated speed production and assembly tasks such as laser & plasma machining, pick & place equipment and high-speed packaging machinery. For precision speed control tasks such as step and scan/repeat processes the ICH series also features excellent constant velocity characteristics thanks to a minimal cogging design, with ultra-smooth motion even at even at low speeds. 

These non-contacting and wear-free linear motors provide direct-drive power transmission based on integral Hall Effect sensors for commutation and are perfectly suited for use with Kollmorgen AKD and S700 series servo drives offering the added benefit of cogging compensation. The next generation AKD is available in a wide choice of platform options including the EtherCAT equipped AKD-N which offers multi-axis synchronised and decentralised control with a single cable for power and feedback; whilst the S700 series offers extended functionality for complex drive and automation tasks.

The ICH series is available in a choice of four basic platen length sizes from 64 to 512 mm that progressively offer increasing force performance for platen/rail widths from 60 to 280 mm. The travel range for the ICH is essentially unlimited - by stacking rails even 100 metres is feasible. Electrical cable connection is a choice of flying leads to 1200 mm or single bayonet connector for power and commutation.

The frameless ICH series’ compact dimensions facilitates straightforward installation in space restricted envelopes and with very long life and clean operation all that is required for high performance positioning is linear bearing mechanics and linear encoder feedback.

The Kollmorgen ICH series is available from Heason Technology as fully supported component-level products or using its in-house design and build capability the West Sussex based motion systems integrator can supply these high performance linear motors as an integral part of customised and fully automated positioning sub-assemblies that are complete with bespoke mechanics, servo drives, feedback sensors, cable management and other system components.

Article published on: 25/10/2016

Article last updated on: 25/10/2016