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Press Release

Heason Technology at FoodEx, 16 - 18 April 2018 - Stand AA260

Heason Technology is pleased to announce its first appearance at FoodEx this year with dynamic working demonstrations highlighting the latest in decentralised motion technologies and washdown capable servo motor technology. Application engineers will be on hand to discuss individual requirements and visitors to Stand AA260 can view a range of high-precision mechatronic components and control examples on display from many of Heason’s supply partners

As a UK Certified Channel Partner for KOLLMORGEN, Heason Technology will showcase two working displays highlighting unique benefits from KOLLMORGEN’s motion components. The first display features washdown motors for the food industry and other environment-challenged applications. KOLLMORGEN’s range of washdown hygienic high-performance servo motors is unsurpassed in the motion industry. The display includes various brushless servomotor types with IP67 and IP69 ratings, food-grade protective coatings and stainless-steel housings for the most demanding hygienic applications. FDA approved food grade seals and lubricants plus smooth housings leads to easy cleaning and minimises pathogen entrapment points. These motors are suited to areas with direct contact to food and for sterile processes in pharmaceutical, medical and similar industries. The demonstration also highlights KOLLMORGEN’s unique IP67 rated servo drives. Matching gear units are available for complete washdown gearmotor solutions.

The second KOLLMORGEN working demo features a rotary indexing system based on the global manufacturer’s AKD-N decentralised drives system. AKD-N offers 80% cost saving in machine motion wiring by supplying power and high speed EtherCAT comms via a single cable to drives designed to be sited close to the motors. These IP67 rated servo drives offer central or local STO and also local I/O. Machine control cabinet size is minimised and commissioning and maintenance time greatly reduced.

Heason Technology will also showcase motion components from many of its other key distribution partners.

Ultra-compact servo drives and motion controllers from Elmo Motion Control have the highest available power-density in the market, a wide choice of fieldbus protocols includes EtherCAT networking technology for high speed multi-axis synchronisation. These powerful intelligent drives and motion controllers are extensively used by Heason for demanding applications where space and weight are at a premium. Working with a DC power supply, these drives are also ideally suited to mobile applications.

Spinea’s TwinSpin zero-backlash reduction gear units are particularly suitable where limited installation space as well as high power/high precision rotary positioning are important design considerations. High torque capacity and integrated bearings give extremely high axial and radial rigidity. Heason will also be showing the latest Spinea DriveSpin rotary actuators. These combine TwinSpin gears with optimised servomotors resulting in a very compact servo actuator. The wide range also includes hollow-shaft variants.

Heason will feature the Zettlex IncOder® at the show. This unique inductive sensor feedback technology provides high-accuracy absolute position and speed with a durability factor that suits harsh environment applications. Zettlex’s lightweight and robust non-contact rotary position sensors are a great match for Heason’s design and build philosophy.

Heason’s close partnership with Thomson Linear, the leading global manufacturer of linear technology, dates back many years. The range includes linear actuators, linear units, linear bearings systems, ballscrews & leadscrews. Used extensively in Heason’s custom-designed systems, these building-block components serve applications that range from simple pick & place systems for materials handling to very high accuracy/high speed platforms for multi-axis positioning. Electro-mechanical actuators are used to reduce the high running costs from traditional pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Also on display Servotecnica’s range of rotary slip rings and joints. These enable design flexibility by enabling the transfer of power and signals from rotary to stationary platforms and vice-versa. They are available as separate slip ring and brush block components or as complete assemblies with IP ratings to match challenging and hazardous environments.

Heason Technology’s technical team welcome you to join them on Stand D708 to discuss your application and to demonstrate the components and systems solutions from its comprehensive product range. 

For more information, call us on +44 (0) 1403 792 300 or email sales@heason.com

Article published on: 19/03/2018

Article last updated on: 19/03/2018